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Defines constants in a wp-config.php file.

This step can be called multiple times, and the constants will be merged.

"step": "defineWpConfigConsts",
"consts": {
"WP_DEBUG": true




consts: Record<string, unknown>

The constants to define


method?: rewrite-wp-config | define-before-run

The method of defining the constants in wp-config.php. Possible values are:

  • rewrite-wp-config: Default. Rewrites the wp-config.php file to explicitly call define() with the requested name and value. This method alters the file on the disk, but it doesn’t conflict with existing define() calls in wp-config.php.
  • define-before-run: Defines the constant before running the requested script. It doesn’t alter any files on the disk, but constants defined this way may conflict with existing define() calls in wp-config.php.


step: defineWpConfigConsts


virtualize?: boolean

This option is noop and will be removed in a future version. This option is only kept in here to avoid breaking Blueprint schema validation for existing apps using this option.