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Bundling WordPress for the browser

The web bundler Dockerfile turns a vanilla WordPress into a browser-optimized one:

  • Makes WordPress run on SQLite using the official drop-in plugin as MySQL is unsupported in the browser.
  • Reduces the WordPress website size from about 70MB to about 10MB, or 5MB compressed.
  • Runs the WordPress installation wizard.
  • Bundles WordPress as a data dependency

Build a new bundle with nx bundle-wordpress playground-wordpress-builds --wp-version=<version>, e.g.:

nx bundle-wordpress playground-wordpress-builds --wp-version=6.1

The bundler outputs:

  • packages/playground/wordpress-builds/public/ – zipped WordPress files
  • packages/playground/wordpress-builds/public/wp-6.1/ – a directory with static assets for the specified WordPress versions

Consult the web bundler Dockerfile for more details (like the list of supported WordPress versions) and modify it to customize the default WordPress installation.