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Data dependencies (browser version)

Importing file to PHP by manually calling writeFile() would be quite inconvenient. Fortunately, Emscripten provides a "data dependencies" feature.

Data dependencies consist of a file and a dependency.js loader and can be packaged with the tool.

WordPress Playground also requires wrapping the Emscripten-generated dependency.js file in an ES module as follows:

  1. Prepend export default function(emscriptenPHPModule) {';
  2. Prepend export const dependencyFilename = '<DATA FILE NAME>';
  3. Prepend export const dependenciesTotalSize = <DATA FILE SIZE>;
  4. Append }

Be sure to use the --export-name="emscriptenPHPModule" option.

You want the final output to look as follows:

export const dependenciesTotalSize = 5644199;
export const dependencyFilename = '';
export default function (emscriptenPHPModule) {
// Emscripten-generated code:
var Module = typeof emscriptenPHPModule !== 'undefined' ? emscriptenPHPModule : {};
// ... the rest of it ...

Such a constructions enables loading the dependency.js as an ES Module using import("/dependency.js").

Once it's ready, you can load PHP and your data dependencies as follows:

const php = await PHP.load('7.4', {
dataModules: [import('/wp.js')],