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Troubleshoot and debug Blueprints

When you build Blueprints, you might run into issues. Here are tips and tools to help you debug them:

Review Common gotchas

  • Require wp-load: to run a WordPress PHP function using the runPHP step, you’d need to require wp-load.php. So, the value of the code key should start with "<?php require_once('wordpress/wp-load.php'); REST_OF_YOUR_CODE".
  • Enable networking: to access assets (themes, plugins, blocks, or patterns), or load a stylesheet using add_editor_style() (say, when creating a custom block style), you’d need to enable the networking option: "features": {"networking": true}.

Blueprints Builder

You can use an in-browser Blueprints editor to build, validate, and preview your Blueprints in the browser.


The editor is under development and the embedded Playground sometimes fails to load. To get around it, refresh the page. We're aware of that, and are working to improve the experience.

Check for errors in the browser console

If your Blueprint isn’t running as expected, open the browser developer tools to see if there are any errors.

To open the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, Safari*, and Edge: press Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows/Linux or Cmd + Option + I on macOS.


If you haven't yet, enable the Develop menu: go to Safari > Settings... > Advanced and check Show features for web developers.

The developer tools window allows you to inspect network requests, view console logs, debug JavaScript, and examine the DOM and CSS styles applied to your webpage. This is crucial for diagnosing and fixing issues with Blueprints.

Ask for help

The community is here to help! If you have questions or comments, open a new issue in this repository. Remember to include the following details:

  • The Blueprint you’re trying to run.
  • The error message you’re seeing, if any.
  • The full output from the browser developer tools.
  • Any other relevant information that might help us understand the issue: OS, browser version, etc.