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Start contributing

WordPress Playground is an open-source project that welcomes all contributors—from code to design, documentation to triage.

How can I contribute?


  • As with all WordPress projects, we want to ensure a welcoming and respectful environment for everyone. Please read our community's Code of Conduct to learn more.
  • Code contributors should review the coding principles.
  • You maintain copyright over any contribution you make. By submitting a Pull Request, you agree to release that code under WordPress Playground License.

Triaging issues

Want to help sort through open issues and resolve potential bugs? Here's how:

  1. Review the list of open issues and find the ones that you can help with. Same goes for the Plaground Tools repository.
  2. Read through the description and comments.
  3. If it's a bug you can reproduce, add a descriptive comment or a potential fix.
  4. Otherwise, add a comment with any additional information that may be helpful.