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Blueprints JSON and the API Client

The Playground API client can be initialized with a JSON Blueprint. This is a convenient way of preconfiguring it in any way you like without worrying about progress bars and fetching remote files:

import { startPlaygroundWeb } from '';

const client = await startPlaygroundWeb({
iframe: document.getElementById('wp'),
remoteUrl: ``,
blueprint: {
preferredVersions: {
wp: '6.3',
php: '8.0',
// Optional: downloads additional PHP extensions like DOMDocument, mbstring, etc.
extensionBundles: ['kitchen-sink'],
steps: [
{ step: 'login' },
step: 'installPlugin',
pluginZipFile: {
resource: '',
slug: 'gutenberg',
await client.isReady();

Running a JSON Blueprint is only possible during the initialization of the API client.

If this is sufficient for your needs, read more about JSON Blueprints.

If you need to work with an already initialized client, you should look into Blueprint functions.