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Using WordPress Playground in Node.js

As a WebAssembly project, you can also use WordPress Playground in Node.js.

If you need low-level control over the underlying WebAssembly PHP build, take a look at the @php-wasm/node package which ships the PHP WebAssembly runtime. This package is at the core of all WordPress Playground tools for Node.js.

API reference

Consult the complete list of Classes, Functions, Interfaces, and Type Aliases.

WebAssembly PHP for Node.js

This package ships WebAssembly PHP binaries and the JavaScript API optimized for Node.js. It comes with the following PHP extensions:

  • SQLite
  • Libzip
  • Libpng
  • CLI
  • OpenSSL
  • MySQL

It uses the host filesystem directly and can access the network if you plug in a custom WS proxy.

Here's how to use it:

import { PHP } from '@php-wasm/node';
const php = PHP.load('8.0', {
requestHandler: {
documentRoot: new URL('./', import.meta.url).pathname,

// Create and run a script directly
php.writeFile('./index.php', `<?php echo "Hello " . $_POST['name']; ?>`);
await{ scriptPath: './index.php' });

// Or use the familiar HTTP concepts:
const response = await php.request({
method: 'POST',
url: '/index.php',
data: { name: 'John' },


@php-wasm/node started as a fork of the original PHP to WebAssembly build published by Oraoto in and modified by Sean Morris in