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wp-now NPM package

@wp-now/wp-now is a CLI tool to spin up a WordPress site with a single command. Similarly to the VS Code extension, it uses a portable WebAssembly version of PHP and SQLite. No Docker, MySQL, or Apache are required.

Launch wp-now in a plugin or theme directory

Navigate to your plugin or theme directory and start wp-now with the following commands:

cd my-plugin-or-theme-directory
npx @wp-now/wp-now start

Launch wp-now in the wp-content directory with options

You can also start wp-now from any wp-content folder. The following example passes parameters for changing the PHP and WordPress versions and loading a blueprint file.

cd my-wordpress-folder/wp-content
npx @wp-now/wp-now start --wp=6.4 --php=8.0 --blueprint=path/to/blueprint.json

wp-now is maintained in a different GitHub repository, Playground Tools. You can find the latest documentation in the dedicated README file.

Install wp-now globally

Alternatively, you can install @wp-now/wp-now globally to load it from any directory:

npm install -g @wp-now/wp-now
cd my-plugin-or-theme-directory
wp-now start